Public and Private Performances

The Enchords have experience performing in everything from intimate venues to 6,000 seat stadiums, and we are happy to tailor our setlist for a wide range of audiences!

Arranging Workshops

We arrange all of our own music, everything from lush, 12-part harmonies, to simple and driving 4-part crowd-pleasers! Each of our arrangers loves to talk about his or her unique process, and our arranging workshops have benefited students with all levels of theory background at schools across the state.

Performance Workshops

The Enchords have conducted workshops at a half dozen high schools across the state of NY, talking about energy, movement, and, of course, group singing. We are proud of our ability to get students on their feet and excited about singing, all while teaching some of our fundamentals of a cappella performance!

Educational Outreach Performances

We love nothing more than to help music teachers inspire students to do what we do - music! The Enchords have sung for elementary, middle, and high school audiences across NY, and create special sets featuring favorite soundtracks, modern hits, and a few classics that never fail to excite students of all ages.

For all inquiries about performances and workshops, shoot us an email or a facebook message using the buttons below!